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Specialty Services

Many patients in need of home health care are recovering from an injury or surgery and have difficulty leaving home to receive their needed rehabilitation or therapy care. Some of these specialty services include:

Wound Care

The Genesis HomeCare team, led by our certified wound care nurse, provides advanced wound and skin care management for optimal wound healing and prevention of skin breakdown. Our primary goal is to provide homebound patients with a continuum of care that is not only individualized, but will provide effective treatments with measurable outcomes. Our team works closely with physicians and other clinicians to enhance the patient's care and outcome.

On a national level, wound care is likely to be one of the top three reasons for patients requiring home care services.  If not properly managed, the wound may deteriorate and threaten the patient's life resulting in hospitalization or an emergency care visit. Through skilled observation and assessment by the registered nurse, patients at risk for skin breakdown receive preventive care measures as part of their care plan. The nurse also provides patient/family education for prevention of wound infections.

Types of wounds treated by our certified wound care nurse include:

  • Pressure Ulcers
  • Diabetic Ulcers
  • Venous Ulcers
  • Arterial Ulcers
  • Surgical Wounds (complicated and uncomplicated)
  • Traumatic Wounds

Physical Therapy

Following surgery or recovery from a traumatic injury or illness, many home health care patients need physical therapy services to be provided in their home. At Genesis HomeCare, our therapists complete initial evaluations of patient needs, establish treatment and exercise plans. The therapists also set short and long term goals for clients, work with caregivers to fulfill these and inform physicians of patient progress or the need for continued services.

Speech Therapy

Cancer, stroke and diseases of the aged can often impair the ability to speak clearly. A speech therapist can help the patient overcome these challenges while staying at home. They can assist with language and communication retraining and swallowing difficulties.

Occupational Therapy

Many home health care patients benefit from an assessment and evaluation by our occupational therapist who is a specialist in functional limitations. The evaluation is able to determine the underlying cause of the patient's limitations and set goals for patient improvement. Occupational Therapy treatment focuses on increasing patient independence by adapting the environment and utilizing assistive devices to ease the burdens of performing activities of daily living.